Wechaty-Mail: An email tool build on Wechaty

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Author: @wangning is a postgraduate student at BUPT who is a frontend full stack engineer, with rich Machine Learning/NLP/Image project experiences.

As soon as I learn how to use 6 lines of JavaScript to achieve a simple chatbot based on Wechaty, I was deeply attracted and decide to develop an easy-to-use email tool based on it. Wechaty-Mail is an application based on Wechaty which can help you get notifications in WeChat when you receive new emails.


Screenshot of the Application

For example, my binding email address is 346786495@qq.com


How to use Wechaty-Mail?

  • Support email types: Gmail/Outlook/Netease mails(163/126)/QQ mail/Sina mail.
  • authorize the mailbox and turn on the IMAP service in mail settings.
  • Configure your own email address and password in the source code and enjoy it.
  • Ding-dong! you’ve just got an email notification from WeChat FileHelper!

Find more details in my github repository Wechaty-Email

Appendix: Packages We Used

  • Wechaty: A great and easy-to–use WeChat middleware.
  • Imap: An IMAP client module for node.js.
  • Mailparser: An advanced email parser for Node.js.