Wechaty Contributor Dinner with Data Girls

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Wechaty Contributors

This Wechaty Contributors Dinner is sponsored by Data Girl.

The above contributors are:

  1. 李佳芮, Microsoft AI MVP, Founder & CEO of BotOrange
  2. 王海良, Microsoft AI MVP, Founder & CEO of ChatOpera
  3. 李卓桓, Microsoft AI MVP & Regional Director, Author of Wechaty
  4. 尹婷, Microsoft VS MVP, Frontend Developer in ChengDu
  5. 梁迪, CPM at Microsoft
  6. 雨鸟 , A devops engineer focus on Kubernetes
  7. 令狐曦, CS Student from BUPT, Baidu AI UNIT Lecturer
  8. 谢扬, ByteDance Hacker, former CTO of Awesome Port
  9. 胡莺夕, CS Student from BUPT, NLP Algrithm Intern at Microsoft Research Aisa
  10. 王宁, CS Student from BUPT, Frontend Intern at Alipay

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