Wechaty Case Study - a letter from JasLin

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Author: @JasLin, BotWave CTO, Wechaty Contributor

Usercase of using wechat robot with Wechaty

Case Study

hi brother,

the attachments are the screenshot of the little system which i using wechaty.

story about it :

we have a meditation group, people in the group take meditation every day, after meditation they check in with a emotion image in the group, to help encourage the others or themselves keep meditation every day.


people send specific emotion.


the program record the emotion and map they to hours


some stastics.

at the beginning, we do this job manually, it spent us much time. at last i decide to build a wechat robot to do this job.

before use wechaty , i used a python sdk to build the robot. but it was not stable enough,it logout often and some other problems, because the protocol base implements can not take about the details, i think the tencent company can Identify the robot behavior. and then, i thought may be i can build a chrome plugin instead of using protocol directly.:)

lucky, after that, i found wechaty, it’s what i need exactly :). i rewrite the code very javascript, and the robot works well, it’s stable ,It seldom exits the program itself.

thanks for wechaty!

Jas, 3/12/2016