Docker Wechaty Getting Started

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Author: Huan LI, A Docker Fan

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GitHub Repo:


  1. Wechaty is fully dockerized. So it will be very easy to be used as a MicroService.
  2. Clone the above repository, then you will be able to use Docker to run Wechaty with ZERO configuration.


  1. Docker
  2. Global Internet Connection


1. Run Vanilla Javascript Example

bash -x bin/

2. Run ES6 Javascript Example

bash -x bin/

3. Run TypeScript Example

bash -x bin/

Until then, enjoy!


1. Install Docker

Quick & easy install Docker via:

curl -sSL | sh


wget -qO- | sh

Get to know more about Docker at:

2. Use Docker Registry Mirror in China

Thanks Docker, there’s a official registry mirror in China, and you can use it by adding in front of the image name:

- docker pull zixia/wechaty
+ docker pull

Learn more about the docker CN mirror at: