• 关于聊天机器人你需要知道的东西

    Author: @Yan Wang 现就读于悉尼大学商业数据分析 ,是Datagirls社区志愿者助教,两年数据分析师工作经历,拥有丰富的社科数据分析项目经验。

    2018年已经到来,一觉醒来,各种社交媒体已经被18岁刷屏 有这样的:


  • Wechaty-Mail: An email tool build on Wechaty

    Author: @wangning is a postgraduate student at BUPT who is a frontend full stack engineer, with rich Machine Learning/NLP/Image project experiences.

    As soon as I learn how to use 6 lines of JavaScript to achieve a simple chatbot based on Wechaty, I was deeply attracted and decide to develop an easy-to-use email tool based on it. Wechaty-Mail is an application based on Wechaty which can help you get notifications in WeChat when you receive new emails.


  • wechaty-electron 把你的wechaty 变成客户端

    作者: 郭英旭


    去年的这个时候,我刚到现在的公司任职,发现同事正在用微信做转播,就是把几个微信群里有价值的发言同步到其他几个群里,同时还要存入数据库以便在论坛上也能看到相关讨论。当时同事用的是chrome插件的方式,那是第一次知道微信还可以这么玩。惊奇的同时我也发现了一个很严重的问题,就是插件跑一段时间,网页就卡死了,就得重启。 于是我在网上找不同的解决方案,github 真是一个神奇的地方,很快我就找到了好几个版本的微信机器人,人气最高的当属wechaty,另外还有一个比较看好的是一个python的项目。由于本人对nodejs 对偏爱,选择了wechaty。

  • 解析WebWxApp代码来增强wechaty功能(一)

    作者: @binsee, 野路子的修炼者



  • 我用wechaty做了一个积分红包机器人

    作者: @iyjian, 半路出家伪程序员



  • Ten minutes to build a daily paper bot

    Author: @leinue, Developer && Designer, ivydom

    I built a bot to deliver the daily paper about machine learning and fintech to the users.Considering the development of lowest cost, I chose wechaty. It’s so awesome that it only took me 10 mintues to make the bot work.


    Before the bot work, I had really done a lot of work to crawl data and filter data, I won’t talk about the data here, just about the Wechaty!

  • 关于对微信PC版Hook的一点研究分享

    Author: @h4dex 会使用各种计算机语言写出 Hello World 的设计师(

    Wechat Windows Impactor

    因为易语言代码有的朋友们可能看起来怪怪的 如果没有接触过它,并不是那么通俗易懂。所以改成了cpp代码供审阅. 由于书写仓促 错误的部分希望大家指正,小弟在此多谢!

    感谢 易语言精易论坛坛友(xdssoft,恨不能遗忘,gh0st少主)分享的开源代码参考!


    PEid、Ollydbg、IDA pro、CheatEngine、DLL自动注入工具、微信电脑版2.4.1.37/79
  • Wechaty New Version 0.9.0 Released

    Author: @zixia Angel Investor, Full Stack Developer, Paragiding Pilot, Author of Wechaty.


    The Wechaty has been updated to version 0.9.0 today. This release contains a number of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements.

    If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our Github issue page and filing a bug.

    Huan LI

  • Using Jsdoc to sync the doc with the latest code

    Author: @lijiarui @BotOrange

    In order to sync the doc with the latest code, it’s best to use jsdoc to describe the API and use jsdoc-to-markdown to generate markdown format documents to the docs directory.

    automate all the things

    Yes, we planned to do this for nearly a year…

    Thanks to @Huan, @ax4,@hczhcz, @William, by the end of August, we finally convert all the doc to jsdoc. And I’d like to share some jsdoc experience here.

  • Score Your Face Photo: a ML & Wechaty practice

    Author: @huyingxi enjoying ML&Wechaty at BUPT

    Recently I found a fun and easy middleware to use for WeChat, called Wechaty.

    Wechaty can help developers quickly build applications based on Wechat, and it was born with a huge number of Potential users.

    So I build a fun application based on Wechaty, called wechaty_selfie, which is a ChatBot that can score self-portraits.

    selfie pear

    Say goodbye to your choice of difficulty!

  • Wechaty - the missing bot SDK for WeChat

    Author: @dcsan making chatbots at RIKAI Labs

    Recently I was in San Francisco talking to a lot of my friends in the Chatbot community, and realized how the WeChaty community is becoming central to Chatbot development in China.

    A lot of Americans look to China and WeChat for the future of Chatbots, but in fact Tencent has still not released an official “Chatbot SDK”. Unlike Facebook, Slack, LINE, Telegram and every other messaging platform. is still just a teaser of what might be.

    If you are determined enough, you can still build chatbots for WeChat but it feels like swimming upstream without a guide. For those who don’t know, WeChaty allows you to turn a wechat personal account into a chatbot, and provides a javascript API to talk to WeChat.

    So in many ways WeChaty is becoming the missing bot SDK for WeChat, and it’s community is the main gathering point for all types of chatbot and NLP discussion in China.

    Additionally the core wechaty team make a big effort to use English in their documents and community. So this community is the gateway to China for international chatbot companies too. It’s great to get some ideas from outside of the genepool too XD

  • Shanghai WWDC - WeChaty Worldwide Developers Conference

    Author: @dcsan, making Chatbots at RIKAI Labs

    Most of the WeChaty core team are in Beijing, but there are a few of us here in Shanghai too. @lijiarui was in town for a few days and so we had a small get together!

    shanghai wechaty peeps

    We talked devops, chatbot games, NLP and more!

  • Run Your Telegram Bot with Wechaty

    Author: @hczhcz, an open source coder and fan of the TOAD

    Before introducing Wechaty Telegram Bot Adaptor, I would like to say something about Telegram chatbots. Recent days, I have a lot of fun playing chatbots on Telegram. After lynched hundreds of tanners in Werewolf games, I realized that a chatbot can bring so much fun to users.

    Playing Werewolf on Telegram

    What are the differences between a chatbot and a game app? A chatbot is much more accessible. You do not need to let your friends download and install it. Instead, just say “hey, let’s play Werewolf/UNO/Avalon…” and the chatbot will be ready for your friends and you. The process of playing the game and the process of chatting are actually “fused” together.

  • 如何编写聊天机器人

    摘要: Chatbot,聊天机器人,用于和人类用户聊天的电脑程序。它是场交互革命,也是一个多技术融合的平台。桔子互动创始人根据自己的经验告诉大家,> 该如何来编写微信聊天机器人。

    What are chatbots and why the hype

  • Wechaty Sticker is ON SALE!

    Wechaty Sticker

    We had just made very high quality Wechaty Logo Stickers recently!

    If you are using Wechaty and you love Wechaty, from now you can buy our logo sticker online.

    I Wechaty1:

    1. Disclaimer: The seller is not Chatie/Wechaty but a 3rd party partner. 

    2. Worldwide: International shipping with PayPal/Credit Card support. 

  • An interesting weekend with Wechaty

    Author: @Helen, Lenovo

    Helen is a full stack engineer living in Chengdu, familiar with D3. When not coding, she loves dancing, sings and play Erhu.

    Thanks for inviting me to write this article that give me a chance to share my story for each other. And Wechaty is a very awesome library that is powerful and easy to use. The most important point is that is interesting for Wechat users and developers. Last week, I want to help my friend to make a chat bot. Because she is a manager of a technic community and she is also a owner of a chat group. In her daily life, many people add her to be the bunny on wechat. Then she needs add these persons into wechat group. It is a manual work, right? So I want to help her to lessen workload. So I ready to use wechaty.

  • The memorabilia of The First Chatie WWDC Party

    Author: @greatgeekgrace Li Jiaxuan, Ex-Baidu-er, Tensorflow Expert who has just published a ML Book last month.

    On June 6, 2017, at 6 PM, we held the First Chatie Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) Party in the Su Shi Restaurant of Wudaokou, Beijing.

    Chatie WWDC Photo

    The Conference consists of a small group of seven people, and the theme is about ChatBot and Artificial Intelligence in all aspects. The Participants include PNP Investors Li Zhuohuan, Orange Interactive Founder Li Jiarui, and Zhou Zainan who graduated from Tsinghua University, currently works in Google Adwords, a amateur who combined chatbot and Wechat group; And Chou Daohan who majored in business and undergraduated in Europe, and will be admitted to the University of Birmingham in computer science department; and Zhou Shuai who works in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute in Automation, in CBSR Laboratory, and researches in face recognition and face attribute analysis; And Zhao Wenjun who is a graduate student in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, studying assiduously in Machine Learning; and the author of Book “Technical Analysis And Practice in TensorFlow”, TensorFlow community’s Founder Li Jiaxuan. We open an interesting ChatBot Summit together.

  • A Simple WeChaty Bot with Intelligence Powered by TensorFlow

    Author: @imWildCat, University of Birmingham

    WeChaty is an powerful library to help developers interact with WeChat programmatically, creating a bot for a varity of purposes. A very significant purpose of a bot is to chat with users, implementing tons of businesses within only a message app instead of a website or other apps1 (Raval, 2016). A chatbot is extremely useful for businesses such as custom services. A traditional way to implement a chatbot is to write all possible responses. It would cost a large amount of time and money and seems to be ‘mission impossible’. With the growth of Artificial Intelligence, machines could learn from a large number of dialogues generated by human beings automatically so that programmers do not have to ‘teach’ these machines step by step. In this article, I will introduce a few codes of TensorFlow to make our chatbots more ‘intelligent’.


    1. Siraj Raval, 2016. How to Make an Amazing Tensorflow Chatbot Easily. Retrieved from: 

  • How to use interval in Wechaty to overcome some web-wechat API limitations

    Author: Seabook, @kungfu-software, Founder of Kungfu Software

    Hello, first of all, thanks for inviting me to write a knowledge sharing post in Wechaty. I am just starting to learn Wechaty and immediately fall in love with it. It’s really easy to get started to make your own wechatbot. :-)

    I am currently exploring all the examples from the Wechaty and try to customize it to make my own requirements happening. Everyday I try to think of a user case that I can use wechaty to make it happen.

    So I had a particular evil thought in my mind one day. I wanted to add a Wechaty bot to any chatrooms and sent bot a command, then somehow the bot can start to send Friend Requests to all the people in the room.

  • Deliver dialogs with SuperScript

    Author: @hain, Lead of Rockq Community, Wechaty Contributor

    Hailiang WANG is Lead of Rockq Community and also a software developer. He used to work in IBM China Innovation Center and IBM China Development Lab. Since last year, he has focused on deep learning technologies, NLP, chatbot and conversational UIs.

    现在时间是7点半,8点下班回家,在这半个小时,让我们来聊聊SuperScript 和 Wechaty 结合带来的巨大前景。

    Blue and Red pill



  • Wechaty Contributor Dinner

    Author: @antonia0912, formal community manager at JueJin(Chinese Hacker News)


    With the development of science and technology, the progress of the society is related to create something useful. And to a certain extent,  the software developers are capable of changing the world.  Last Friday, I was lucky for having an enjoyable conversation with several coders together.

    There were 7 guys came to the gathering (including me), 6 programmers, and one used to work for a technical community. We met at 7 pm and would have dinner together in a Chinese restaurant. We’d like to introduce ourselves to each other at the beginning of the meeting with a video recorded.

  • Interact Wechaty with Ruby on Rails from scratch


    Author: @imWildCat, University of Portsmouth

    Ruby on Rails is a extremely powerful web framework with a long history, which can simplify our development process, making it more enjoyable. As it known to all, many well-known sites are built on this framework, such as GitHub, Unsplash, Airbnb, Dribbble and Product Hunt1. For most developers without so much experience about Rails, setting up a development environment for this stack is not a easy task. This blog would introduce how to interact WeChaty with Rails with an example of a group message logger, trying to Keep it simple, stupid (the KISS principle).

    1. Rails, StackShare: 

  • 用Chatie实现微信机器人商业逻辑之【好室友】群管理篇

    作者: @xinbenlv, Google, Chatie Contributor

    为了帮助新来硅谷的朋友找室友和租房,我们在所在地区组建了若干微信群。 我们对这个项目的基本理念是简单专注,用完即走。

    我们的应用场景是这样的:我们一共有数个微信群,按照硅谷旧金山湾区的几个租房区域进行分群, 每个微信群常年满上限500人。我们要求入群的朋友修改群昵称, 我们每周要按照一定的规则将不按照要求修改群昵称的群友和最早入群的人踢出,以实现群员的流动, 确保群里都是最近有租房需求的朋友而不是许多租房群常见的僵尸群情况。

    另外,我们不允许发布任何与租房无关的信息:广告、二手交易、机票信息等常见扩散信息都被视为禁止类型。 在群管理员志愿者们的共同努力下,我们群在湾区朋友中间以简洁活跃赢得了相当不错的口碑, 被常常被湾区的群友介绍给自己新来湾区的朋友。也是因为我们群初具规模, 吸引了各种希望混入大群散发广告的各种运营号、广告号和宣传号。 经常有人进入我们的微信群发布广告消息和无关消息, 我们对于这种情况会予以警告直至踢出群并加入黑名单。

    在使用机器人之前,我们的管理员志愿者们,每天需要手动登录手机,接受好友请求, 然后根据相应的规则对群进行管理。由于加群请求巨大,群多而复杂, 因此还经常要首先回答用户的问题再根据用户的意向分配进入相应的群。 删除群好友的事儿也需要花费比较长的时间。

    在得知Chatie之后,我们立即使用Chatie的接口开发了机器人来进行群的管理工作, 大大简化了管理员志愿者们的工作流程和负担。我们这里介绍一下我们的业务逻辑模块。

  • 给机器人添加发送图片视频功能

    作者:@mukaiu, Wechaty Contributor

    公司活动,需要对入群用户进行管理和自动回复。前期在Node Party Beijing上接触到@zixia的分享,Wechaty刚好能支持该活动,支持Docker部署,是一个很棒的Bot Framework。

    开发过程中发现,#4 Support Message Type of Image/Video此功能还未实现,决定完成该项特征。

  • 给微信机器人添加热重启功能

    作者:@Gcaufy, Tencent, Wechaty Contributor


    快速上手后,在开发调试过程中,修改代码需要频繁重启Wechaty程序。相信绝大多数人都有着类似的问题, 下面就聊一聊怎么避免类似问题。

  • The secret lives of WeChat’s chatbots

    Chatbots rocketed into the limelight last year, bolstered by the enthusiasm of Facebook and Microsoft, though the technology wasn’t mature yet.

    In China, however, the response was more muted. While Facebook was busy pushing its new Messenger app – boasting when it hit 11,000 bots – Tencent, the maker of WeChat, quietly let millions of accounts develop AI-powered bots of their own, keeping a wary eye out for abuse. Accounts like Cara, for example, are shut down, as Tencent wants to confine bots to customer service-related functions within brand accounts.

  • Wechaty 101: from v0.0 to v0.7

    This talk was presented at Node Party Beijing #18 Dec 2016, all about ChatBots.

    My topic includes:

    1. what does it do?
    2. why does it exist?
    3. how does it work?
    4. what’s in it for me?

    For visiters come from China who can not visit, this video is also hosted on & Tencent Video:

  • Getting Started with Wechaty - Live Coding Tutorial

    Wechaty is super easy to use, especially when you are using Docker.

    In this video, @lijiarui will show you how to getting started with Wechaty through a 10 minutes live coding tutorial, with Wechaty Docker Runtime. (Event Node.js Party #18, Beijing)

    For visiters come from China who can not visit, this video is also hosted on & Tencent Video

  • 一个姑娘如何用6行代码写出微信聊天机器人

    作者:@lijiarui, Entrepreneur, Wechaty Contributor



  • Wechaty Case Study - a letter from JasLin

    Author: @JasLin, BotWave CTO, Wechaty Contributor

    Usercase of using wechat robot with Wechaty

    Case Study

    hi brother,

    the attachments are the screenshot of the little system which i using wechaty.

    story about it :

    we have a meditation group, people in the group take meditation every day, after meditation they check in with a emotion image in the group, to help encourage the others or themselves keep meditation every day.

  • Node Party #18 重新认识聊天机器人

    Node Party Banner

    What is Node Party?


    • 学习新东西
    • 认识新朋友
    • 聚餐


    • 咖啡,甜点,爆米花和动听的音乐,一起度过一个愉快的下午。
    • 时间:12月11日 星期日 下午13:00 ~ 18:00
    • 地点:科技寺创业空间(北新桥店)
    • 地址: 东城区 东四北大街107号科林大厦B座107室(近北新桥地铁站)
    • 报名地址:


    13:00 ~ 13:30 入场

    13:30 - 14:30 如何用6行JavaScript写出微信聊天机器人


  • Docker玩转微信机器人框架Wechaty

    GhostCloud Banner


    1. 如果你的好友众多,如何管理和维护好友分组;
    2. 如何快速有序地处理海量聊天信息,并区分重要性;
    3. 如何处理海量的聊天组,特别是微信可以任意建组,长期以后会出现非常多的聊天组;
    4. 能否可以自动智能地进行聊天回复
    5. ……
  • Chat实录|李佳芮:向前一步的程序媛







  • Welcome to Wechaty!

    Wechaty Logo

    Hello, ChatBot Developers!

    Today is a big day because Wechaty got a brand new Blog! ;-)

    In the past half year, Wechaty growth from version 0.0.1 to 0.6.32. Today, it has dozens of pull requests, 100+ issues, 200+ stars, 1,400+ commits and 10,000+ lines of code.

    The Worlds Smallest ChatBot

    Wechaty is a easy to use ChatBot Framework which can help you write the worlds smallest chatbot. Maybe you are very interesting in ChatBot industory, or you just want to get your own wechat personal account robot, Wechaty will always be your friend.

    The following 6 lines javascript code example will show you how does Wechaty work:

    const { Wechaty } = require('wechaty')
    Wechaty.instance() // Singleton
    .on('scan', (url, code) => console.log(`Scan QR Code to login: ${code}\n${url}`))
    .on('login',       user => console.log(`User ${user} logined`))
    .on('message',  message => console.log(`Message: ${message}`))

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